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Galax, a World of Opportunities

The City of Galax is within a 3-hour drive of every major metro area in Central North Carolina, only seven miles from the Blue Ridge Parkway and eleven miles from I-77. It is a commercial hub for the twin counties of Carroll and Grayson, Virginia, which makes the city a perfect spot for both new development and redevelopment.

This city is home to several well-known venues and events, including the Old Fiddler’s Convention, America’s longest-running music festival, and The Rex Theater, a featured site on The Crooked Road, part of Virginia’s Heritage Music Trail. Residents and visitors can enjoy the downtown arts hub in the three buildings of the Chestnut Creek School of the Arts or check out the Southern Terminus of the 57-mile New River Trail State Park.

Aerial View of the City of Galax, VA
Aerial View of the City of Galax, VA

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