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Creekside Galax Small Area Plan

Opportunity Details

After completing a thorough feasibility study for the Vaughan Furniture Building, The City of Galax is in the process of creating a small area plan for the area around the building, leading up to downtown.  The plan will be informed by stakeholder, property owner, and resident input, and will be used to guide new development and investment in the area.

The Vision

It's 2025.  The Creekside Galax area is known as one of the most exciting places to be in Virginia. The neighborhood is vibrant, and filled with restaurant options, night life, various housing options, and myriad things to do.

Imagine a neighborhood where people don’t just live and commute to jobs elsewhere, they live and work in professions ranging from artists to welders to small-scale furniture makers. People come from all over Virginia, North Carolina, and beyond because Creekside is a great place to start a new business and join a community at the same time.

Core Principles

The Creekside area’s future development will be guided by the following Core Principles:

•Integrated mix of uses
•Diverse housing types
•Rental and ownership opportunities
•Inclusive of all ages
•Quality public spaces
•Bicycle and Pedestrian friendly
•Well-connected to downtown and trail
•Active recreation
•New/small business friendly
•Quality design

If you would like to make comments or add questions, please fill out the following form.  Also keep an eye out for community open house dates on the City’s website, GalaxVA.com.

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