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Kipling Lane Site

Opportunity Details

The Kipling Lane site was purchased by the City of Galax for a new school originally, but plans changed and the Galax Industrial Development Authority is making the property available for development.

This site is  54-acres with rolling hills, a small stream, and gorgeous views of neighboring hillsides and farmland. The property abuts existing subdivisions on two sides and public water and sewer are available to the site. The property is currently zoned R-1, but the City is open to a rezoning to R-2 or R-3 to allow for some greater density. The City also has a Planned Unit Development ordinance in place.

Kipling Site Layout

Single-Family Homes

The City of Galax is interested and supportive of the site being developed into detached and attached single-family homes for workforce and middle-income households.

Discounted Land Sales

The City is open to discounted land sales for the development of workforce housing. Workforce homes are eligible for financing through Virginia Housing (formerly the Virginia Housing Development Authority).

Participation in Funding

The City is open to participating in the funding of public streets and utilities for the Kipling Lane site and connections to the existing City street network can be easily accomplished.

Market and Feasibility Study

A full Market and Feasibility study has been compiled for the Kipling Lane site. This study projects as many as 150 homes on the site once it is subdivided.

One of the key data points of this study shows that the total population within a 60-minute drive of Galax is 227,335 people. See below to review the full Kipling Lane Marketing and Feasibility study that was completed.

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